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About the College

Mission Statement

The College of Education, in its leadership role in the state and region, prepares professional educators who are responsive to the needs of constituencies and audiences with whom they interact. State-of-the-art preparation addressing current societal needs is a symbol of the responsibility the college takes for its students. Among the societal needs to which the college is dedicated are issues associated with the interface of technology and the infusion of cognitive and affective dimensions related to a multi-cultural, pluralistic society. The college's intent is that its graduates will be responsible masters of change and adaptation and be responsive to the needs of an ever-changing society. The College of Education, in its focus on excellence, promotes a professional development school relationship with a local school district(s) which will be able to involve all of the college's disciplines as well as partnerships with appropriate agencies, business, and industry.

The College of Education, in its service to students being prepared as highly competent professional educators, dedicates its energy to the following features as central to its mission:

  • The promotion of high standards of professional education in an environment attentive to the needs of undergraduate and graduate students
  • The development and implementation of the best instructional practices in the preparation of professional educators
  • The advancement and support of scholarly and artistic activity for faculty and students
  • The support of individual and collaborative efforts within and outside the college and university
  • A culture that supports and reinforces ethical, professional behaviors for a democratic society

Conceptual Framework

Conceptual framework

The College is guided by a core set of tenets that are broadly defined as knowledge, practice, and reflection.  Both teachers and students are encouraged to adhere to these principles.

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