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Jorge Jeria

Jorge Jeria

TITLE: Professor of Adult and Higher Education
AREA: Faculty
PHONE: (815) 753-9375
FAX: (815) 753-9309


  • Ph.D., Iowa State University


  • Curriculum Vita
  • Biography

    He developed from 1990- a series of programs in Brazil, Chile and China with the participation of students from Northern Illinois University graduate program in adult higher education.

    Previously he was Assistant Director of the Minority Affairs Office and adjunct assistant professor of education in the Department of Professional Studies at Iowa State University, from 1984 to 1989. In addition he was named Hispanic Commissioner for the State of Iowa by the Governor to work and advice in matters related to education with the Latino population to the State Government.

  • Textbooks and Related Works by Professor Jeria

    Professor Jeria's research interest and publications are on popular education, non-formal education, Paulo Freire's educational concepts, social movements and policy making as it relates to adult higher education. He works a great deal with North American, Chilean, Brazilian, Mexican and other adult educators in a number of related projects.

  • Special Interests, Service Work

    His international work reaches a number of activities from his participation with the Council for Adult Education in Latin America (CEAAL), the International Council of Adult Education (ICAE) , the Paulo Freire Center at the University of Pernambuco in Recife, UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (formerly UNESCO Institute of Education) in Hamburg, Germany, UNESCO/OREALC in Santiago, Chile and the Intituto Nacional para la Educación de los Adultos, INEA, México.