Adult and Higher Education


The NIU Adult and Higher Education Program in the College of Education offers professional preparation for students at the master’s and doctoral levels for entry-level and leadership roles in the field of adult education and higher education. 

Highlights of the Adult and Higher Education program include:

  • Dynamic, challenging, and engaging coursework on topics such as: ethics, leadership and administration, program planning, community development, social justice, adult learning theory, educational policy analysis, student development, continuing professional education, program assessment and evaluation, and much more.
  • Practical hands-on experiences gained through internships, assistantships, and study abroad programs to such counties as Brazil, China, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Taiwan.
  • An engaged community of practitioners and scholars actively pursuing educational research.

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Degree programs

Minor in Social Change Leadership - 18-semester-hour progam that is designed to develop critical self-reflection, analytical and communication skills through leadership in various contexts, including student organizations, service learning, internships and a capstone project.

Master of Science in Adult and Higher Education – a 36-semester-hour program that offers theoretical and methodological bases for professional development, while providing comprehensive pre-service education for persons seeking careers in adult and higher education.

Doctor of Education in Adult and Higher Education – a 60-semester-hour program beyond the master’s degree that provides a flexible system of professional study, with course work in areas of educational policy, administration, and research, to prepare both generalists and specialists in the field. 

Doctor of Education Community College Leadership Cohort Program - a 60-semester-hour program beyond the master's degree that is designed to prepare students to advance in a variety of administrative positions within community college.