Adult Education Specialization

M.S.Ed. in Adult and Higher Education

The 36-semester-hour Master of Science in Education­ offers theoretical and methodological bases for professional development, while providing comprehensive pre-service professional education for persons seeking careers in adult and higher education. The Adult Education Specialization is designed to prepare students to assume a variety of administrative positions within academic institutions, community-based programs, healthcare, corporate businesses and governmental organizations. Students can choose to complete a focus area in teaching and adult development, community programming and development, or develop another focus area with adviser’s approval.

Students are required to take 15 semester hours of the specialization core, 6 semester hours of research core, 3 semester hours of internship, and 12 semester hours in a focus area. Focus areas will be developed in consultation with and approved by the adviser. Students have the option to complete a certificate offered by adult and higher education. 

Specialization Core (15 credits) 

CAHA 500 – The Nature of Adult Education (3)
CAHA 501 – Adult Learning: Maturity through Old Age (3)
CAHA 502 – Educating Culturally Diverse Adults (3)
CAHA 540 - Curriculum and Program Development in Adult Education (3)
CAHA 598 - Issues in Adult and Higher Education (3) 

Research Core (6 credits)

CAHA 710 - Evaluating Adult Education Programs (3)
ETR 520 - Introduction to Research Methods in Education (3) 

Internship Core (3 credits)

CAHA 586 - Internship in Adult and Higher Education (3)
(This requirement may be waived through current professional experience as approved by program adviser.) 

Suggested Focus Areas (12 credits)

Twelve semester hours in one of the following focus areas with approval of adviser or a focus area developed in consultation with program adviser. 

Teaching and Adult Development
Four of the following:

CAHA 530 - Instructional Theory and Practice in Teaching Adults (3)
CAHA 560 - Nontraditional Adult Higher Education (3)
CAHA 759 - Critical and Feminist Pedagogies in Adult and Higher Education (3)
ETT 535 - Distance Education: Design and Delivery (3)
ETT 536 - Web-Based Learning (3)
Elective approved by adviser (3) 

Community Programming and Development
Four of the following:

CAHA 545 - Planning and Promoting Noncredit Adult Education (3)
CAHA 581 - Community Project Development and Adult Education (3)
CAHA 722 - Adult and Higher Education in Social Context (3)
CAHE 544 - Alternatives in the Counseling and Placement of Adults (3)
Elective approved by adviser (3)

Program Contact

Danae Miesbauer


LaVerne Gyant

Xiaodan Hu

Katy Jaekel

Jorge Jeria

Carrie Kortegast

Z Nicolazzo

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