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How to Apply to the School Counselor Institute

Application Processes

Applying to the School Counselor Institute requires that you submit material to the NIU Counseling Program for the Department of Counseling, Adult and Higher Education.

Written application processes must be completed before receiving an invitation to the Pre-Admissions Workshop (P.A.W.).

Applicants to the School Counselor Institute should submit:

1. Written Application to the Counseling Program:

  • Application packet submitted to the Counseling Program
    • Applicant information
    • Applicant essay
    • Recommendation form
  • Submit Two Letters of Recommendation to the Counseling Program
  • Request Official Transcripts be sent from all of the Applicant's Graduate Institutions
  • Current Resume

2. Attend the PAW (Pre-Admissions Workshop) 

  • When the application is complete, it is reviewed by the faculty. If selected, information will be forwarded to students to attend the Pre-Admission Workshop. During the PAW, students will take part in an interview, an introduction into the program, and a meeting with the faculty. Upon completion of the PAW, students are accepted or not accepted to the SCI program.

For Additional Inquiries Contact:

Please note that all applicants are responsible for making sure that their materials have been received by the Counseling Program. We will not contact you to tell you that we are missing, for example, letters of recommendation or transcripts. For more information about the School Counselor Institute program, please review our Frequently Asked Questions about the SCI Program.




Priority deadline: November 8, 2017
Late consideration through November 30, 2017


SCI Program FAQ

SCI Program Flyer

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