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Counseling Internship

Counseling Internships

CAHC Course's 586 / 786

An internship is defined as a supervised learning experience designed to provide a student with the opportunity to implement in an actual work setting the knowledge and theory acquired in the course work. Therefore, the core curriculum and other practica course work must be completed before the internship is started.

The internship program at NIU is part of the nationally accredited CACREP program. CACREP regards internship as a distinctly defined, post-practicum supervised clinical experience intended to enable the student to refine and enhance basic counseling or student development skills, and integrate professional knowledge and skills appropriate to the student's specialization and initial postgraduation professional placement.

The nature and placement of the internship is determined by the student's career goals and program of study. Students are expected to identify and do their internship in a setting that is congruent with their program. Because of the diversity of career goals, student characteristics, and the learning experiences of each student, the internship must be individually developed. It is the responsibility of the student to do this in cooperation with his or her adviser, the internship coordinator, and the field supervisor. Placement sites must be able to provide the diverse and comprehensive experience needed for a successful internship experience.

Please, submit your Internship Application through TK20.