Internship Steps

Step 1: Secure an internship location and discuss with your Internship Supervisor the details of your internship (hours, location, and compensation).

Step 2: Meet with your Internship Supervisor and complete the Internship Approval Form. This form must be submitted to the academic counselor for approval of the internship and permission to enroll in CAHA586/786.

Step 3: Once a decision is made on your internship request, the academic counselor will e-mail you the decision and provide a perm number so you can register for CAHA 586/786.

Step 4: Develop a written set of goals and objectives that are to be accomplished during the course of the internship experience.  The written goals should be composed on the Learning Objectives and Activities Form and be submitted to your CAHA 586/786 instructor two weeks into the semester as part of a required course assignment.  

The following materials are for use during the course of the internship and include: