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Key Card Information

Electronic Locks in Graham Hall

Each faculty member assigned to teach in Graham classrooms, regardless of home college, will receive a card for access to the assigned classrooms. These key cards will be distributed by the College of Education Classroom Support Office, GH 431.

Using Your Key Card

  1. Pass your card over the vertical black "slot" above the handle, just to the left of the number pad.
  2. Watch for the red light to appear, indicating the card has been recognized.
  3. When the green light appears, quickly open the door.

These locks cannot be left in the unlocked state, just as hotel room locks remain locked except for temporary activation. The number pad on the lock is not currently used.
Each time a lock is activated, the card used is recorded. While we do not anticipate using this feature, it is available in the event of problems. 
Be sure to close the door at the end of your class so that the next user of the room has to re-open it. Otherwise, your access will be the last one recorded and it will appear that you were the user of the room throughout the time period until the next card access.
Faculty members who have used traditional style NIU keys for access to these rooms should now use their electronic card exclusively. Traditional key access to these rooms will be eliminated in the near future.
IF you lose your key card, you must notify the Classroom Support Office (GH 431, 753-9059) immediately so the card can be cancelled and a replacement ordered.

Returning Your Key Card

Cards issued to regular, full-time tenure track faculty in the College of Education may be kept indefinitely. All other users must return their cards to the Classroom Support Office at the end of the term for reprogramming, and to avoid being charged for the card.


Contact the College of Education Classroom Support Office (GH 431, 753-9059).

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