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Live Text

Whether you're completely new to LiveText or a former user in need of a refresher, free training is available to help you get up to speed.

Students, Faculty and Staff

Please visit the Technology Oasis for one-on-one help or e-mail for general questions.

Additional Support

Direct LiveText support is always available through the "Help" link found at the top right of any LiveText screen.

LiveText Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need LiveText?

The College of Education at NIU has joined most other public universities in the state, many private institutions, and a growing number of community colleges as a user of LiveText. It is used for An organization and productivity tool, a collaboration tool, a portfolio tool, an assignment creation and assessment tool that supports data-driven decision-making, a course management tool, including lesson planning and access to online video resources.

LiveText is just a tool for creating portfolios, right?

That is just one possible use for your LiveText account. It's a very important one, as more and more programs are requiring a portfolio that documents your learning before your graduate. It's also easier for most students with LiveText than with other methods. You can even create a portfolio to help you get a job or to show your growth over time.

Is LiveText be used in all graduate and undergraduate programs within the CoE?

Yes, LiveText is used by all students enrolled in degree or certificate programs within the College of Education.

Where can I purchase LiveText?

LiveText subscriptions are available in DeKalb at the Student Center Bookstore or Village Commons Bookstore. Subscriptions can also be purchased online.

What is the cost of LiveText?

LiveText is available in two versions. The version that you need is determined by your specific program.

  • LiveText with the Discovery Learning's unitedstreamingT Video Library is $109. This is the version that is being recommended by most programs within the College and as a result is the version that is being stocked in the bookstores in DeKalb.
  • LiveText without the video library is $89. This version is available only online.
I am a transfer student and used LiveText at my previous institution. Do I have to purchase a new account, or can I continue to use my current one?

Your LiveText account must be transferred from your old institution to NIU. This request can be made by emailing Your email message will need to include the following information.

  • The name of your old institution
  • Your old email address (if you know what it was)
  • Your LiveText login name
  • Your new email address
  • A statement that you wish to have your account moved from your old institution to NIU

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