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Amor Taylor

Amor Taylor

Education Program/Licensure

Middle School- English

A greeting to my future students

Hello Future Students, I am very excited to educate you guys on the different things that America has to offer. I hope that you guys are ready to move and excited to learn new words that will help you go through everyday life if you ever decide to travel. It is wonderful to become bilingual and seeing that you will be attending a summer camp to further your education, I can see that the determination and dedication are there so I know that working with you will be fun as well as a learning experience for myself.

Why I want to be a teacher and what I believe promotes great learning

I want to be a teacher because I know that education is important and with it you can go far in life. I want to show students that education can be fun and something that they want to do rather than something that is forced on them. I think that the struggles I have experienced in my life have led me here. They have led me into education so that I can help students cope with anything in their lives. I don't want to just educate students on the basics of math, reading, and writing; I want to educate them on how they can live a comfortable and meaningful life. Education is the stepping stool. My plan is to be the person that leads them up the steps of life.

Why I am interested in teaching in China

I want to teach in China so that I can gain the knowledge necessary to view the world from different perspectives. I think that I already view the world in different ways but teaching in China will add to these perspectives. I also want to teach in China so that I can become a better teacher for my students. The best teacher advocate for students deals with all types of situations.  Teaching in China will give me another perspective on my students and put me in an environment that allows me to learn how to deal with a variety of students. I think this opportunity as a whole is just a great way to make me a better person, student, and teacher.

What theme I will use to teach English, and why I chose that theme

The theme that my partner and I chose was happiness. We chose the topic because it can include so many words that people will need on a daily basis, as well as, being a topic that everyone can relate to. In this topic we can pull out so many different subsections so that we can connect to every student because everyone has some type of happiness in their life. We also thought that this would be a fun topic that we could create opportunities for them to get up and move around.