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Autumn Gathings

Amor Taylor

Education Program/Licensure

Elementary Education with an endorsement in ESL

A greeting to my future students

Hello boys and girls! My name is Ms. Gathings and I am more than excited to spend the summer teaching you all! We will learn a lot about each other and the concept of happiness. This will be a fun yet productive and successful summer! I hope you are as excited as I am!

Why I want to be a teacher and what I believe promotes great learning

Throughout my schooling, I have been very fortunate to be in an excellent school district. I want to implement what I've learned into my future students. I want my classroom to be a second home for my students, where they can be comfortable and free to express themselves appropriately. I want to help my students reach their maximum potential, thus preparing them for the rest of their education. I consider being a teacher having the responsibility to create the next generations of engineers, teachers, doctors etc., and a responsibility that I plan to dedicate myself to accomplishing.

Why I am interested in teaching in China

From research, I've learned that teaching is a highly honored career in China.  I admire the teaching principles of respect and honor in China. It is one of the many ideas I want to learn more about in China. I know when I am in China I will have the opportunity to really discover myself as a teacher and as an individual. Teaching in China will place me in a different environment that will make me a well-rounded and flexible educator.

What theme I will use to teach English, and why I chose that theme

My theme is Happiness. I chose this theme to teach my students how to achieve the ultimate balance of happiness. I also want to explore the differences in happiness in my culture and that of my students.