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Elise Olson

Elise Olson

Education Program/Licensure

Special Education

A greeting to my future students

Hello! My name is Ms. Olson and I am so excited to spend part of your summer with you! I love to sing, dance, and do crafts! I cannot wait to explore China, learn about where you come from, and teach you about my culture! 

Why I want to be a teacher and what I believe promotes great learning

I have always wanted to teach ever since I can remember. I love giving students opportunities that they may not have otherwise and creating opportunities for them to succeed. I feel comfortable in the classroom and cannot wait to give students the confidence and skills to continue to be amazing young men and women! 

Why I am interested in teaching in China

I cannot wait to be immersed in the culture and also bring Western culture to my classroom. I feel extremely blessed to be given this opportunity and hope to gain insight and knowledge that I can bring to my future classroom. 

What theme I will use to teach English, and why I chose that theme

My co-teacher and I are doing fairy tales! We felt that it is an awesome learning opportunity. There are SO many stories, fables, and fairy tales from around the world and several ways to teach them. We thought it would be a great way to integrate Chinese and Western culture, while learning new strategies.