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Miss Amy Porter

Amy Porter 

Education Program/Licensure

I currently have an Elementary Education teaching license with a middle school endorsement and endorsements in Fine Arts, English, Social Sciences, and an LBS1 in Special Education. I am currently completing an ESL endorsement through Northern Illinois University. I have a BFA in Fine Arts and a MAT (Masters of Applied Teaching) in Elementary Education.   

A greeting to my future students

Hello Camp Friends,

My name is Miss Amy Porter and I am so excited to be your camp English language teacher this summer! This will be an incredible adventure filled with fun activities designed to deepen your understanding of the English language while improving your functional speaking and listening skills. Get ready to communicate with each other while we play games, sing, dance, and explore.  I can't wait to teach you all about American culture too. Don't forget to wear comfortable shoes because we will be moving all day long.

I can't wait to meet you!
Miss Amy Porter   

Why I want to be a teacher and what I believe promotes great learning

As a current teacher, I believe that children learn best through interactive and inquiry-based activities that promote flexible thinking.  I love Quantum Learning and use kinesthetic movements and the integration of fine arts to embed learning. Communication is key! Children need opportunities to develop language while working together within a small-group format. My roll as an educator in Taiwan is to guide students through challenging enrichment opportunities that develop a greater understanding of the English language while they communicate with each other to achieve a common goal. 

Why I am interested in teaching in Taiwan

I am interested in teaching in Taiwan because this opportunity will challenge me to expand my teaching repertoire to include new approaches to learning that enhance English language acquisition in a unique environment. This experience will allow me to learn about the unique culture and diversity of the Taiwanese people while adapting to a new environment, language, and culture.       

My desired superpower and why

If I could have any super power I would choose to have the ability to breathe underwater. I love to swim and I love the ocean. Breathing underwater would allow me to spend my day exploring reefs without ever needing a snorkel!