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Ellen Lain

Ellen Lain

Education Program/Licensure

Elementary Education 

A greeting to my future students

Hello students! I am so excited to work with you all! I can't wait to have a fun time in the classroom as we both learn and experience exciting, new things. This will be a great opportunity for both you and me. I can't wait for this summer! 

Why I want to be a teacher and what I believe promotes great learning

I want to be a teacher because I love helping students break through to something new. I believe students learn best through engagement. I think students should help each other learn and promote positivity. 

Why I am interested in teaching in Taiwan

I have never traveled outside of the United States. Taiwan has a rich culture that I want to experience firsthand. I am also excited to broaden my horizons by experiencing new cultures and carrying those experiences with me forever.

My desired superpower and why

If I could choose any superpower, I would pick to be able to travel in time. There are so many things I reflect on that I wish I could redo, or jump forward to. I like surprises, but I would like the chance to rewind or fast forward.