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Program Requirements

You must complete 120 semester hours with at least 40 hours in upper-division courses, maintain at least a 2.0 GPA overall and in the major, and complete university general education requirements.  You may transfer up to 66 semester hours, plus 4 hours of physical education, to meet these requirements.  A minimum of 30 hours must be completed at NIU.

University General Education Requirements

Complete the required 29-41 hours of general education credits at NIU or your local community college.

See the undergraduate catalog for detailed requirements.  To find out which of your community college courses will transfer, you can also contact Undergraduate Admissions.

BSAM-ITTE Required Courses

To complete the degree, you must take 46 hours of specific degree coursework at the 300-400 level.  This includes 21 hours of business core requirements, and 25 hours in the Instructional Technology, Training and Evaluation Emphasis.

Business Core Requirements (21 hours)

  • ACCY 228: Fundamentals of Accountancy (3)
  • MGMT333: Principles of Management (3)
  • MGMT346: Business Communication (3)
  • MGMT412: Business Law (3)
  • MKGT310: Principle of Marketing (3)
  • OMIS338: Principles of Operations Management (3)
  • FINA320: Principles of Finance (3)

Training & Evaluation Emphasis (25 credits)

  • ETT464: Human Performance Technology (3)
  • ETT310: Instructional Design Models, Strategies, and Tactics (3)
  • ETT311: Instructional Media Literacy, Prototyping and Publication (3)
  • ETT448: Instructional Architecture for Learning Applications (3)
  • ETT459: Learner-Centered Educational Courseware Development (3)
  • ETR450: Data analysis for Design and Evaluation (3)
  • ETR431: Program/Performance Evaluation (3)
  • ETR340: Survey Methods for Training and Evaluation (3)
  • ETRA495: Internship or Portfolio (1)

Transfer of AAS Courses

Because many technical courses in the AAS curriculum do not have transfer equivalencies, NIU awards proficiency credit to recognize the value of those community college courses (without students taking or paying for additional credits). Following a review of an AAS degree-holder’s transcript, up to 30 hours of proficiency credit may be awarded to bridge the transfer credit gap. Proficiency credits are posted when students have completed other degree requirements.

If you have questions regarding NIU's BSAM in Instructional Technology, Training and Evaluation please contact:

Judy Puskar
Program Advisor

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