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Hayley Mayall, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Research Interests:

Distance Education, Online Learning, Technology Integration, Mobile Technologies, Instructional Design, Learning Theories


Ph.D., University of Connecticut
Major: Educational Psychology
Supporting Areas of Emphasis: Cognition and Instruction
Dissertation Title: An Exploratory/Descriptive Look at Gender Differences in Technology Self-efficacy and Academic Self-efficacy in the GlobelEd Project

M.S., Utah State University
Major: Instructional Technology
Supporting Areas of Emphasis: Instructional Design

B.S., Brigham Young University - Hawaii Campus
Major: Information Systems and Computer Science


ETT 229 Computers in Education

ETT 429 Computers in Classroom

ETT 455 Media Design - Multimedia

ETT 511 Advanced Instructional Media Design

ETT 535 Distance Education

ETT 536 Web-based Learning

ETT 552 Instructional Technology for Diverse Cultures

ETT 553 Professional Standards and Ethics in Instructional Technology

ETT 555 Media Design - Multimedia

ETT 560 Instructional Design I

ETT 569 Practicum: Instructional Design

ETT 586 Internship in Instructional Technology

ETT 590 Professional Portfolio

ETT 740 Foundations of Instructional Technology

ETT 741 Seminar: Instructional Technology Theory

ETT 742 Seminar in Instructional Technology Research

ETT 743 IT Seminar: Instructional Technology Problems

ETT 770 Practicum: Instructional Technology

ETT 786 Internship in Instructional Technology

ETT 799 Dissertation

Recent papers:

Gravel, R.J., & Mayall, H. J. (2015). The Innovation Equation. (pp. 4 - 6). DeKalb, IL: Illinois Association of School Business Officials (ASBO).

Flores, B. B., Clark, E. R., Guerra, N. S., Sanchez, S. V., & Mayall, H. J. (2010). ASI SOY: Exploring the psychometric soundness of the Academic Student Inventory: Self-Observation Year (ASI SOY) with teacher candidates. Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences, 32(1), 136-163.

Mayall, H. J. (2010). Integrating Video Case Studies into a Literacy Methods Course. International Journal of Instructional Media, 37(1), 33-42.

Mayall, H. J., & Robinson, R. S. (2009). Investigating Visual Literacy Integration: Lida’s Legacy?  TechTrends. TechTrends, 53(2), 48-49.

Mayall, H. J., & Robinson, R. S. (2009). Visual Learning through Technology: The Availability, Teacher Familiarity and Use of Visual Tools and Standards for Learning. IVLA Selected Readings - 2008, 141-144.

Pate, A., Smaldino, S. E., Mayall, H. J., & Luetkehans, L. M. (2009). Questioning the Necessity of Non-Academic Social Discussion Forums in Online Courses. Quarterly Review of Distance Education, 10(1), 1-8.

Mayall, H. J. (2008). Differences in Gender Based Technology Self-efficacy Across Academic Levels. international Journal of Instructional Media, 35(2), 145-156.

Martin, N. K., Yin, Z., & Mayall, H. J. (2008). The Attitudes & Beliefs on Classroom Control Inventory-Revised and Revisited: A Continuation of Construct Validation. Journal of Classroom Interation, 42(2), 11-20.

Lawless, K. A., Schrader, P. G., & Mayall, H. J. (2008). The Model of Domain Learning as a Framework for Understanding Internet Navigation. Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia, 17(2), 235-258.

Lawless, K. A., Schrader, P. G., & Mayall, H. J. (2007). Acquisition of Information Online: Knowledge, Navigational Strategy and Learning Outcomes. Journal of Literacy Research, 39(3), 289-306.



(815) 753-4710
Gabel Hall 101
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