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Rebecca Hunt, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Research Interests:

Technology Integration in K-12 Schools, Teacher Education, School Librarianship, and Young Adult Literacy


2010  MLIS, University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa. Major: Library and Information Science.          

2001  Ph.D., University of Toledo. Major: Curriculum and Instruction; Minor Educational Leadership.

1995  M.S.Ed., University of Toledo. Major: Educational Technology.

1990  B.S., Truman University. Major: Business Administration.


Graduate Level Courses

ETR 520 Introduction to Educational Research

ETT 501 Pro-Seminar in Instructional Technology

ETT 504 Cataloging and Classification

ETT 507 Collection Development

ETT 508 Reference Theory and Practice

ETT 511 Advanced Media Design

ETT 531 Visual Literacy

ETT 523 Young Adult Literature

ETT 527 Materials for Children

ETT 553 Professional Standards in Instructional Technology

ETT 587 Master’s Portfolio

ETT 743 Seminar: Instructional Technology Problems

ETT 799A Doctoral Research and Dissertation

ETT 799B Doctoral Research and Dissertation

Undergraduate Courses
ETT 211 Technology in a Diverse Society

ETT 229 Computers in the Classroom

ETT 401A Integrating Technology into the Elementary Classroom

ETT 401B Field Experience Integrating Technology in the Elementary Classroom

ETT 429 Computers in Classroom Teaching

Recent papers:

Flynn, J. E., Hunt, R. D., Johnson, L.R., & Wickman, S. (2014). Considering new paths for success: An examination of the research and methods on urban school-university partnerships, post No Child Left Behind. International Journal of Educational Reform, 23(3), 191-206.

Hunt, R. (2013). African American leaders in the library profession: Little known history. Black History Bulletin, vol. 76. (1), 14-19.

Hunt, R., Luetkehans, L. M. (2013) The Insider: School librarians as part of a blended professional learning community for student teacher development in technology integration. School Libraries Worldwide, 19 (1), 13-27.

Hunt, R. D. (2011). The first school projector. TechTrends, vol. 55 (6), 10.

Hunt, R. D. (2008). Celebrity author’s emergence in the children’s book market: What are their literary qualities? Media Spectrum, vol. 35 (1), 8-12.

Pitcher, S. M., Albright, L. K., Delaney, J., Walker, N. T., Seunarineisingh, K., Mogge, S.,

Headley, K. N., Ridgeway, V. G., Peck, S., Hunt, R., & Dunston, P. J. (2007). Assessing adolescent’s motivation to read. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, vol. 50 (5), 378-396.

Book Chapters

Hunt, R. D. & Flynn, J. E. (2014). The ordinary made extraordinary: Understanding diary-writing and living through history with Emile Davis. In K. W. Whitehead & C. D. Gist (Eds.), Rethinking Emile Frances Davis: Lesson plans for teaching her Civil War pocket diaries (pp. 170-183). Baltimore, MD: Apprentice House.

Flynn, J., Hunt, R., Wickman, S., Cohen, J., & Fox, C. (2014). Architecting the change we want: Applied critical race theory and the foundations of a diversity strategic plan in a college of education. In C. E. Sleeter, L. I. Neal, and K. K. Kumashiro (Eds.), Diversifying the teacher workforce: Preparing and retaining highly effective teachers. (pp. 153-167). New York: Routlege

Luetkehans, L. M., & Hunt, R. D. (2013) School librarians as significant other: Using online professional learning communities for the development of pre-service teachers. In K. Kennedy, Ph.D., L. Green, Ph.D. (Eds.), Collaborative models for librarian and teacher partnerships (pp. 56-66). Hershey, Pennsylvania: IGI Global.

Technical Report

Flynn, J. E., Armstrong, S. L., Curry, L. H., Hunt, R., Johnson, L. R. R., Johnston-

Rodriguez, S. L., Wickman, S. A. (2012). In LaVonne I. Neal, Connie Fox, and Jeffrey Hecht (Eds.), A Plan for Our Future: The College of Education Diversity Strategic Plan (N/A ed., vol. N/A, pp. 32).



(815) 753-9021
Gabel Hall 101
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