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Illinois Licensure Testing Resources

Illinois Licensure Testing Resources:


LIS or TS entitlement students are required to pass three tests*:


1. Before Admission to a teacher licensure program:

  • Basic Skills Test, Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP, Test number 400) or ACT plus writing/SAT. See:
  • Licensed IL teachers who passed Basic Skills Test 096 or 300 do not need to take the TAP.
  • Licensed teachers who never took these tests, including teachers from out-of-state, will need to pass the TAP or equivalent.
  • Test of Academic Proficiency Workshops @ NIU
  • Please check with the Regional Office of Education (ROE) or ISBE for clarification.

2. Before final field experience take the appropriate content test:

  • Library Information Specialist is test number 175
  • Technology Specialist is test number 178

3. APT (Before entitlement) or edTPA (For initial licensure, during final field experience)

  • Assessment of Professional Teaching is required if expanding grade level of license. (APT, Test number 188).
  • Teacher’s who have previously passed an APT test, do not need to take another.




NIU STUDENTS ONLY: When you are about to finish your Library Information Specialist or Technology Specialist coursework contact the Graduate Advisor (815-753-6085) in the ETRA department.


*Subject to change.