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Courses for Technology Specialist Entitlement (K-12)

Below is the list of required courses offered at NIU for students seeking a Type 10 Technology Specialist (TS) Entitlement. This course of study provides the necessary standards-based course work for certification and is taken in conjunction with a master's degree in instructional technology. You must hold an Illinois teaching certificate to receive Technology Specialist Certification. Individuals may earn the Entitlement as an initial teacher licensure by completing additional coursework and practicum experiences.

You must confer with the ETRA department's program advisor no later than the end of your first semester of course work to plan for appropriate course selection and sequencing.

Knowledge and performance standards required by the State of Illinois (as revised July 1, 2003) are met through completion of the following required courses. These required courses are subject to change at any time.

TS Entitlement Requirements

  • ETT 501 Pro-seminar in Instruction Technology
  • ETT 510 Instructional Media and Technology
  • ETT 511 Advanced Media Design (Message Design) or ETT 531 Visual Literacy
  • ETT 530 Instructional Technology Tools or ETT 555 Multi-Media Design
  • ETR 520 Introduction to Educational Research or ETR 519 Applied Educational Research or ETR 531Program Evaluation
  • ETT 535 Distance EducationDesign and Deliveryor ETT 536 Web Based Learning
  • ETT 553 ProfessionalStandards in Instructional Technology
  • ETT 570 Instructional Technology Administration
  • ETT 571 Instructional Technology Promotion and Development
  • ETT 573 Instructional Technology Facilities or ETT 592 Networking
  • ETT 586 Internshipand/or ETT 569 Practicum
  • ETT ___ Approved Elective
  • ETT ___ Approved Elective

Comprehensive examination in the form of a portfolio

In addition to the required technology specialist course work and unless already taken as part of their teaching license, students pursuing Technology Specialist Entitlement must also successfully complete:

  • Technology Specialist Test (Endorsement and Entitlement)
  • K-12 Assessment of Professional Teaching (APT) Test
  • Test of Academic Proficiency
  • A course in non-Western culture may be required
  • A course in exceptional education (TLSE 557 at NIU) may be required
  • ISBE Educator Licensure:
  • Information for registration and dates of tests: Illinois Licensure Testing Systems

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