Graduate Faculty

Paul Wright

Paul Wright

EC Lane and MN Zimmerman Endowed Professor

Area:  Pedagogy

Office:  Anderson 233

Phone:  (815) 753-1407

Fax:  (815) 753-1413



  • Ph.D. University of Illinois at Chicago

Research Interests

  • Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility
  • Life Skills
  • Youth Development
  • Physical Activity Program Evaluation

Recent Scholarly Activities

Peer-Review Articles:

  • Jung, J. & Wright, P. M. (2012). Application of Hellison’s Responsibility Model in South Korea: A Multiple Case Study of ‘At-Risk’ Middle School Students in Physical Education. Agora for Physical Education and Sport, 14, 140-160.
  • Vardaman, J. M., Amis, J. M., Dyson, B. P., Wright, P. M., & Van de Graaff Randolf, R. (2012). Interpreting Change as Controllable: The Role of Network Centrality and Self-Efficacy. Human Relations, 65, 835-859.
  • Li, W., Rukavina, P., & Wright, P. M. (2012).Coping Against Weight-Related Teasing among Adolescents Perceived to be Overweight or Obese in Urban Physical Education. Journal of Teaching in Physical Education, 31, 182-199.
  • Amis, J., Wright, P. M., Dyson, B., Vardaman, J., & Ferry, H. (2012). Implementing Childhood Obesity Policy in a New Educational Environment: The Cases of Mississippi and Tennessee. American Journal of Public Health, 102, 1406-1413.
  • Wright, P. M. (2012). Offering a TPSR Physical Activity Club to Adolescent Boys Labeled “At Risk” in Partnership with a Comprehensive Community-Based Youth Serving Program. Agora for Physical Education and Sport, 14, 94-114.
  • Coulson, C., Irwin, C., & Wright, P. M. (2012). Applying Hellison’s Responsibility Model in a Youth Residential Treatment Facility: A Practical Inquiry Project. Agora for Physical Education and Sport, 14, 38-54.
  • Wright, P. M., Li, W., Okunbor, E., & Mims, C. (2012). Assessing a novel application of web-based technology to support implementation of school wellness policies and prevent obesity. Education and Information Technologies, 17, 95-108.

Funded Projects:

  • Principal Investigator on the Head Start Body Start National Center for Physical Development and Outdoor Play-Program Evaluation, funded by the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance for $164,000 from October 1, 2011 to September 29, 2012