Audio & Video Conferences

Video Conference Room

Audio & Video Conferences

Video Courses

Regularly Scheduled Conferences

To schedule a regular semester, distance-education course, please contact the Office of External Programs in your College.

Occasional Video Conferences

The Learning Center can host your one-time or occasional video conference.

Examples of these types of conferences include:

  • Face-to-face meetings for online courses
  • Guest lectures
  • Concerts and master classes
  • Oral exams
  • Collaboration on projects
  • Modeling effective uses of technology in teaching & learning
  • Teaching demonstrations for class critiques
  • Face-to-face interviews for research
  • Interviewing prospective new hires
  • Faculty training sessions
  • Dissertation defenses
  • Moot Court hearings
  • Consultation with remote experts

Contact us for more information. There's no charge for university-related conferences. For other conference requests, please call for cost information. For more information about NIU’s videoconference capabilities, check out Outreach Services.

Audio Conferences

The Learning Center has Polycom speaker phones in some of its smart classrooms that are perfect for conference calls and interviews. College of Education faculty and staff can reserve rooms online using ScheduleIt. CoE students and non-CoE faculty or staff may also request rooms by calling (815) 753-1241 or stopping by the south wing service desk. Charges for toll calls may apply.

Webcast Reception

The Learning Center is set up to receive most webcasts. If needed, we can run your webcast in multiple rooms. We can also provide phone access to toll-free numbers for these webcasts.

Check with us for available times and days. We'll work with you and the webcaster to provide a quality conference for you, your colleagues, and students. Call 753-1241 for more information.

We're sorry, but we cannot produce webcasts at this time.