Instructional Equipment

The Learning Center loans AV equipment free for instructional use by College of Education faculty and students. Equipment is available to faculty and students outside of the college for a nominal fee.

CoE faculty and staff may reserve equipment with the Learning Center's online scheduling program.

CoE students and non-CoE faculty or staff may also request equipment by calling (815) 753-1241 or stopping by the south wing service desk.

All students must provide verification from their instructor that the requested equipment is for instructional use.  Faculty may forward a class list to:  Students may then register for ScheduleIt and request activation of their accounts in an e-mail to the Center.

All payments are accepted using Huskie Bucks only.

 Laptop Computers

  • Windows XP
  • Microsoft Office
  • configured for wireless access
  • AC adapter and carrying case
  • wireless mouse
  • surge protector
  • hardware and other accessories may vary
  • circulation is limited to one week

Video Projectors

  • provide high quality resolution and brightness
  • comes with cables to connect to either a computer or a video source
  • rolling carrying case
  • circulation is limited to one week

DVD/VHS Players

We have decks that will play both DVDs and VHS videotapes. Each deck comes with the necessary cables to connect to a TV monitor.

Digital Video Cameras

Our video cameras include the Canon ZR-70, ZR-85 and Optura 500. All our cameras use MiniDV tapes that are available at the Center for sale. Each camera comes with a carrying case, manual, power supply, and cables. Tripods are available upon request.

Digital Still Cameras

Our still cameras are the Canon A75, S1 IS and Powershot S60. All our still cameras come with memory cards installed. Cameras require AA batteries; you may need to provide your own. Included with each camera is a carrying case, manual, and cables. Tripods are available upon request.

Digital Audio Recorders

There are 3 Olympus WS-300M digital voice recorders available for loan. These are small recorders with built-in microphones as well as a jack for a table mic. The bottom part of the recorder can be plugged into a computer where you can capture the audio for transcription.


We provide table-mics as well as external wireless mics for use with video cameras. Let us know what you have in mind, and we'll help match the right mic for the job.


We have small speakers that can be connected to a DVD or VHS deck (when used with a video projector) to augment the audio from the projector. We provide instruction on set-up along with the necessary cables.

Other Equipment

  • Camera Tripods
  • Tripod Screens
  • Transcription Pedal (for use with transcription software)

Scheduling Equipment

COE faculty can register and then send a request to activate your account to