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Philosophy of Education at NIU

Philosophy of Education Undergraduate Course for General Education Credit

EPFE 410: Differentiates philosophy of education from other basic inquiry into education. Emphasis on standard forms of philosophical reasoning. Exploration of leading writings for their relevance to the improvement of instruction in a sociocultural context.

EPFE 410 is personal.  The course:

    • offers opportunities for critical examination of educational experiences. 
    • allows students to understand and form their identities in light of the competing and contested terrains of the academy.
    • invites students to develop intellectual and moral capacities and dispositions that will enhance their understanding and contribution as citizens in how public education is defined and supported.

Master's Degree (M.S.Ed.)

The Foundations of Education program within the Department of Leadership, Educational Psychology, and Foundations at NIU includes four areas of disciplinary study: History of Education, Philosophy of Education, Sociology of Education, and Comparative & International Education.

The M.S. Ed. in Foundations of Education is a small graduate program with a commitment to the interests of the student in their inquiry process.  Sample thesis projects focused on Philosophy of Education have included:

Making Room for Democracy: A Deweyan Analysis of Student-Initiated Newspaper Reporting.
(Sheila Dillon, 2005)

Reflections on Teaching Philosophy in Sixth Grade.
(Gail Gattis, 2007)

Teaching the Vietnam War in the 21st Century: Reflections on a Postmodern Writing Odyssey.
(Jason Kling, 2006)

Critically Transitive Pedagogy.
(Nick Shudak, 2003)

Dare the Teachers Learn to Dare? An Inquiry into the Civic Consequences of Teacher Neutrality.
(Jessica Vivirito, 2008)

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