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Philosophy of Education Statement

The Philosophy of Education Statement is a requirement for the undergraduate course in Philosophy of Education at NIU.

“A philosophy of education, like any theory, has to be stated in words, in symbols. 
 But so far as it is more than verbal, it is a plan for conducting education. Like any plan, it must be
 framed with reference to what is to be done and how it is to be done” (28).
     Dewey, John. 1938. Experience and Education, NY: Macmillan Co.

Consider:  in holding a philosophical position you are also held by it.

 “Any theory and set of practices is dogmatic which is not based upon critical examination of its own
  underlying principles” (22). 
     Dewey, John.  1938. Experience and Education.  NY: Macmillan Co.

Are you able to identity and order your own beliefs in light of theories about reality, knowledge, and values?

Do you believe in education for some people? who? 
Can all students learn?  Why?  Why not?
What knowledge is essential?  desirable?  Who decides? 
How does education differ from schooling? from training?
What is the best way of assessing what students have learned?

How do you reconcile your beliefs with the schooling available to you?

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