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EPS 282X - Teacher Responsibilities

Initial Meeting & Interview

Either collectively or individually, the pre-service teachers assigned to a mentor teacher classroom will arrange an initial meeting and interview time and date. The purpose of the meeting is to establish specific goals and guidelines for the experience and determine visiting schedules for the semester.

The NIU student will need to talk with you:

  • to set the specific goals for the experience
  • to obtain materials necessary for the task you have set
  • to discover positive attributes around which a relationship can be built with the child
  • to share periodic progress reports

The NIU student will need to interview you regarding:

  • Your classroom rules and policies
  • School emergency procedures
  • Your class schedule/routines
  • How the student learns best and why that works
  • What motivates the children
  • How to tap into the children’s intrinsic motivation
  • Approaches to discipline/classroom safety which work with the students

Evaluation of Pre-service Teacher

Near the end of the semester, mentor teachers will be asked to evaluate the pre-service teacher's classroom performance relative to Illinois Professional Teaching Standards. Teachers will receive a link to an online evaluation form in their e-mail. Please complete the evaluation before Finals Week. Teachers are encouraged to discuss the evaluation with the pre-service teacher, noting particular strengths and developing goals with the student for addressing areas in need of improvement. Mentor teachers are strongly encouraged to contact NIU course instructors with concerns or questions any time during the semester. Our goal is to work with you to provide pre-service teachers with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to become effective, caring elementary school teachers.