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Marguerite F. Key Fellows Program


Unlocking Potential in Our Students by Recognizing Innovations that Advance College Access and Success

Imagine the possibilities if every city, town and school district across Illinois and the upper Midwest provided thriving academic environments – from preschool through high school – that encourage and support students in the pursuit and completion of higher education. Imagine how these communities would flourish through tapping into the shared wisdom and new ideas of professional educators and others dedicated to identifying creative ways to foster such a culture.

The NIU Marguerite F. Key Fellows Program is focused on promoting the long-term growth and vitality of these places and people by gathering and intellectually challenging principals who have worked to enrich the promising lives of college-aspiring students and their families.

Each class of Marguerite F. Key Fellows will consist of up to 12 principals from schools within the region. These principals will represent the leading voices in energetic and creative program delivery across northern Illinois. Each class of Fellows participates in an institute during the year in which they are selected. Each institute will provide information and training, but focus primarily on providing Fellows with the opportunity to examine the “state of the state” – sharing information and leveraging the creativity and expertise in the room to further propel their local efforts.