Program Overview

The Marguerite F. Key Fellows program is designed to complement existing initiatives and to leverage the expertise of faculty and staff in the College of Education and, in particular, the Department of Leadership, Educational Psychology and Foundations. NIU provides a variety of outstanding programs that prepare the next generation of educational leadership in the region, and LEPF is home to graduate programs leading to licensure for principals, superintendents, curriculum directors, athletic directors and school business officials. Building on that expertise and the extensive network of graduate leaders placed in districts throughout the region, the Key Fellows program seeks to identify and support the professional development of practitioners changing the landscape for students who aspire to succeed in higher education.        

Key Fellows will work with one another, NIU faculty, students and invited guests to network, share existing programming ideas and collaboratively identify opportunities for growth and improvement in schools across the state of Illinois. In addition to being presented information on the state of progress toward full educational opportunity in Illinois, Fellows will be at the forefront of discussions advancing the cause and will be able to leverage this dynamic event to energize their future efforts on behalf of Illinois children.

Marguerite F. Key Fellows will qualify for $1,000 stipends, which can be taken personally or applied programmatically as an investment in the success of the next generation of leadership in the state.