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John Evar Strid

John Evar Strid


Associate Professor

AREA: Faculty
OFFICE: Gabel 147D
PHONE: (815) 753-4158
FAX: (815) 753-8563


  • Ph.D., Linguistics. Northwestern University, Evanston, Il. 
  • M.A., Latin American Literature and Culture, Linguistics, Northeastern Illinois University
  • M.A., Linguistics, Northeastern Illinois University
  • B.A., French and History. Kalamazoo College


Dr. Strid teaches graduate and undergraduate classes in applied linguistics, language development, and bilingualism and reading. His research interests include psycholinguistics, bilingualism, language processing, literacy, first and second language acquisition, teaching English as second language, and L2 writing.


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  • Strid, J. E. (2012). “Reading in Two Languages: Bilingualism and Literacy.” Paper presented at Northeastern Illinois University Linguistics Department Colloquim.
  • Strid, J.E. (2005). “The Acquisition of Pro-forms in Bilinguals: Pro-drop vs. Non Pro-drop.”  Poster presented at the International Symposium on Bilingualism, Barcelona, Spain.
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  • Strid, J.E. (1998). “Coherence in the Narrative and Persuasive Writing of Adolescents.” Talk presented at Illinois TESOL, Chicago, Il.


  • LTIC 545: Applied Linguistics for Teachers in Multilingual Classrooms
  • LTLA 305X: Language Development