The Department of Special and Early Education is excited to offer two programs designed for the working adult, both at The University Center of Lake County. Both options begin in January 2013!

  • The full time option is designed for those students who wish to move quickly through the program and begin teaching in 2 years.

  • The half-time option is designed to provide 2-3 courses a semester so you can continue your work and move toward the degree and licensure at the same time.

  • Both options have flexibility to start in the program even if you are not quite finished with the AA, AS, or AAT program yet.

Ready to start?

Spring 2014 applications are now available. Applicaitons are due to the SEED advising office Oct 1, 2013.


Half time program please contact Kate Donohue,          


Not ready to start the program? You may take these courses concurrent with or prior to admission to NIU, that is, any time in the next year:

  • FCNS 230   Child Development (3)
  • FCNS 284   Introduction to Family Relationships (3)
  • TLEC  300 *Observation and Assessment of Young Children (3)
  • TLEC  401   Play Development of the Young Child (3) 
  • TLSE  240 **Introduction to Special Education (3)