M Cecil Smith, PhD Photo

Ph.D. (1988). University of Wisconsin-Madison

M.S. Ed. (1983). University of Kansas

B.A. Ed. (1981). Wichita State University


Professor Smith has been a member of the educational psychology faculty since 1988. His research interests focus on

adults' literacy skills and practices, and the role of literacy in promoting cognitive and personal development in adulthood.

His research has been funded by the American Educational Research Association, the International Reading Association, and the

U.S. Department of Education. Professor Smith is also interested in adolescent development and adolescents' perspectives on

their own development and learning. This work has been funded by the NEA Foundation for the Improvement of Education. He

teaches graduate courses in adult educational psychology, adolescent development, research methods, and writing for publication.


Read Professor Smith’s blog: The Graduate Educator: Insights and perspectives on teaching graduate students.



Recent Publications:


Smith, M C. (2007). Adults as learners: Teaching and learning. In B. Guzzetti (Ed.), Literacy for a new century, Vol. 1 (pp. 39-58).

Westport, CT: Praeger.


Shumow, L., Smith, T.J., & Smith, M C. (In press). Academic and behavioral characteristics of young adolescents in self care.

Journal of Early Adolescence.


Holt, J.K., & Smith, M C. (2005). Literacy development among different ethnic groups: The role of socioeconomic and cultural

factors. Reading Research & Instruction, 44(3), 1-21.


Smith, M C. (2005). Decline in intelligence. In N.J. Salkind (Ed.), The encyclopedia of human development. Newbury Park, CA: Sage.



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