Professor Smith is a guest on Wisconsin Public Radio’s program, Converstions with Kathleen Dunn, (May 31, 2007)

discussing the reading habits of the American public. Listen to a streaming audio broadcast of the program here.


Smith, MC., & Smith, T.J. (2006). Low-education adults' participation in informal learning activities:

Relationships with selected demographic characteristics. Paper presented at the annual meeting

of the American Educational Research Association, Chicago (April 9-13, 2007).


Smith, MC. (November 6, 2006). A primer on adult literacy. Presentation in the Psychology Department,

Northern Illinois University.


Smith, MC. (February 7, 2006). Multiple intelligences and adult literacy: 8 things you should know.

Invited presentation at the Literacy Volunteers of Illinois annual meeting, University of Illinois-

Chicago. [PowerPoint]


Smith, MC., & Reio, T.G., Jr. (University of Louisville) currently editing The Handbook of Research on Adulthood,

Adult Development and Learning. Anticipated publication: 2008. Publisher: Lawrence Erlbaum and Associates, Inc.

The Handbook will be available in hard and soft cover.


M C. Smith (November 30, 2005). Reading Activity Method: Time-use diaries for studying reading
. Invited presentation at the annual meeting of the National Reading Conference, Miami.


M C. Smith (October 22, 2005). Does service-learning promote adult development? Theoretical
perspectives and directions for research
. Paper presented at Linking Adults with Community:
A Symposium on Adult Education and Service-Learning. Chicago: DePaul University. Figure 1
(with paper, above).


Baltimore Sun article on parenting books (June 6, 2004).


Smith, M C. (2004, April). Advice for new faculty members: Getting your writing program started.
Discussion presented as part of Division C New Faculty Mentoring session at the annual meeting
of the American Educational Research Association,
San Diego.


TEEN SCENE: Adolescent Development Video Project (A PT3 project)


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