Hands-On Learning


At NIU, and especially in the College of Education, students learn both in the classroom and in the field. The college offers students a variety of hands-on learning opportunities in their chosen fields in addition to university-wide programs allowing undergrads to conduct research alongside tenured faculty.

Clinicals, Field Experiences and Student Teaching - College of Education teacher candidates participate in hands-on experiences from the first semester in their program area.

Educate and Engage Program - COE immersion experiences locally, nationally, and internationally.

Internships and Community Outreach – Kinesiology and Sport Management students participate in a self-identified internships to round out their degree programs and engage in our communities through outreach programs.

Research - Campus wide, undergraduates are working with top-notch faculty conducting research that matters.

Student Professional Organizations - No need to wait until graduation to become involved in your field. Start now.

Sport, Recreation and Wellness - A Special Interest Community perfect for any student who loves sport, recreation, and personal wellness

TEACH House - A Living-learning Community allowing education majors to further explore the education profession.