Children's and Young Adult Literature/Media Certificate

The purpose of this interdisciplinary certificate is to prepare educators and librarians to select and use high quality children's and young adult literature across genres and across the curriculum. If you wish to pursue this certificate, you must receive approval and advisement from the coordinator of the certificate program. You must complete 19 semester hours in approved course work at NIU, including the required four core courses, the one semester hour workshop at the annual Children's Literature Conference and the internship/practicum, with prior approval of the program coordinator.

Core Courses (13 semester hours)

  • LTLA 538 or ETT527
  • LTLA 541 or ETT 523
  • LTLA 539
  • LTCY 590 or ETT 590 (only when taken in conjunction with the annual Children's Literature Conference and with prior approval of the program coordinator)
  • LTCY 586 or ETT 569

Select two of the following

  • LTLA 542
  • LTLA 633
  • LTCY 592
  • ETT 540
  • ETT 541

The certificate is available to any graduate-level student in good academic standing in the university. Enrollment in a graduate degree program is not necessary to earn this certificate. All courses may be taken as a student-at-large. For directions on how to enroll as a student-at-large at NIU, please consult the Graduate School.

For more information about the program contact the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at 815-753-8556 or