Minor in Social Change Leadership


Are you passionate about being an ethical leader in our society? Do you want to make a difference in the world around you? Minor in Social Change Leadership, offered through the Department of Counseling and Higher Education! Our coursework examines the intersection of social justice, ethics and collaboration in the practice of leadership that promotes positive social change. You'll work with other students like you – students energized by advancing social justice, change and global responsibility. You'll also develop critical self-reflection, analytical and communication skills through leadership in various contexts. And, no matter your major, you will graduate prepared for professional and personal success after college.

Learning Outcomes

During your program of study, you will:

  • Gain key foundational knowledge in the theory and practice of leadership
  • Reflect on personal values as they relate to ethical leadership
  • Develop interpersonal skills to engage in collaborative relationship to promote social change
  • Apply principles of social change leadership in various professional contexts

The Social Change Leadership minor is open to all undergraduate majors.  You must complete 18 semester hours in this minor, and you should complete SCL 100 and EPFE 302 as early as possible.

Elective courses are chosen to complement your background, interests and career plans and, in some instances, help satisfy distributive studies area requirements in the general education program.

The cumulating course for is SCL 492, in which you will develop and implement a capstone project. This could be an intensive case study, research paper, action research project or other scholarly work in social change leadership.

The development of leadership skills grows in importance every day as community diversity expands around us. And, no matter the specific career aspirations of students, leadership skills are essential for overall career success. We’re grounded in the Social Change Model to help you develop the essential knowledge, skills and competencies to serve as “change agents” in a variety of settings. What is the Social Change Model? According to Komives, Wagner and Associates, it approaches leadership as “purposeful, collaborative, values-based process that results in positive social change” – and that’s something we can all get behind


Our coursework focuses on the understanding that leadership can be taught and learned rather than an innate set of skills residing in an individual. With that, through coursework and relevant practical experiences, students will develop the necessary leadership knowledge, skills and competencies that are essential for overall career success.

Required Courses (6)

  • SCL 100 Foundation of Social Change Leadership (3)
  • SCL 200 Applications of Social Change Leadership (3)
  • EPFE 302 Advocacy, Justice and Leadership in a Diverse Society (3)

Elective Courses (12)

  • CAHA 490 Workshop in Adult and Higher Education (1-3)*
  • CAHA 497 Independent Study (1-3)*
  • SCL 486 Internship in Social Change Leadership (3)
  • SCL 493 Leadership in College Experiences (3)
  • BKST 200 Racism in American Culture and Society (3)
  • EPFE 300 Ethics, the Law and Educational Policy (3)
  • LEEA 329 Spiritually-Centered Leadership (3)
  • NNGO 100 Community Leadership and Civic Engagement (3)
  • PSPA 320 Public Service Leadership (3)
  • WGSS 350 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies (3)
  • WGSS 101 Introduction to Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies (3)

Courses not listed above can be used to satisfy elective requirements when the topic is appropriate and approved by the social change leadership minor coordinator.

*Can be counted toward the minor when topic is appropriate.

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To declare the minor please contact:
Kassandra Santos
Graduate Research Assistant
Department of Counseling and Higher Education