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Community Counseling Training Center (CCTC) Staff consists of administrative staff, professional staff, counseling staff and research assistants. Client care is provided directly by CCTC Counselors with direct support from CCTC Supervisors.


Counseling Faculty serve as the primary supervisors of all counselors working in the CCTC. All faculty supervisors hold doctorates in Counselor Education and Supervision. Get a more detailed biographical description of all faculty members.


Counselors working in the CCTC consist of master's and doctoral level counseling students. All counselors working with clients have had extensive coursework and receive live supervision from faculty supervisors. CCTC counselors are carefully selected by counseling faculty for counseling practice in the CCTC. After at least one practicum counseling contract, master's and doctoral students can apply for CCTC intern counselor positions.

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