Educate Global China


Educate Global is Northern Illinois University’s (NIU) College of Education’s global opportunity for its teacher candidates to experience hands-on teaching of English in an international setting. The College of Education partners with school districts from around the world to provide teacher candidates with first-hand experiences with different cultures. Ultimately, Educate Global prepares teacher candidates for global employment opportunities which set them apart from their peers in the job search process. Summer 2018 Educate Global participants will travel to China to work with the Beijing Royal School.

Educate Global teacher candidates will have had classroom experience in Illinois and are studying Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Middle Level Teaching and Learning, Physical Education or Special Education. Educate Global participants receive an extensive orientation focused on English as a Foreign Language and teaching materials and methods (pedagogy). While in China, Educate Global participants are accompanied by NIU faculty members who will provide onsite instructional coaching and lesson development.