Teacher Candidates and Faculty Mentors

Northern Illinois University College of Education candidates in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Middle Level Teaching and Learning and Special Education teach in teams to deliver English lessons focused on a particular theme.

I look forward to meeting you and hope that you are excited about your upcoming camp session. I can't wait to help you learn a little bit more about English and the USA. I am most excited to learn about you and your culture. I hope to learn as much from you as you do from me! I will see you soon! I became a teacher because I wanted to ensure that our youth receive the best education and opportunities possible! I also became a teacher because I wanted to ensure that students and their families had access to resources and supports necessary to be successful in their schools and communities. After teaching in a variety of school settings, I decided to pursue a career in higher education so that I could mentor, motivate, and inspire new teachers and reach even more school-age students! I am interested in teaching in China for three main reasons. First, so that I can support our NIU students as they work to teach English and American culture to the BRS campers. Second, so that I can assist with supporting the BRS campers as they work to improve their English. Third, so that I can learn more about Chinese culture and opportunities for American educators in China.

I am so excited to be working with each of you this summer. I am both thankful and eager for this opportunity to be with you. We will all learn so much from each other. We will learn so much and grow during our time together. I cannot wait to meet each one of you! Teachers do more than just teach. The impact they have on their students extends well beyond the classroom. As a teacher, I am more than just an educator. I am a mentor, I am a friend, and I am a caretaker. I want to be a teacher that embodies each of these roles and to make a difference in as many of my students' lives as possible. I am interested in teaching in China because I aspire to broaden my horizons as much as possible. China is an immense country that consists of cultures that are vastly different than my own. I yearn to become culturally diverse as both a teacher and a human being.

I am very excited to work with you all! I look forward to sharing my culture with you all but most of all, I look forward to learning about each of you and your culture. I cannot wait to get to know all of you and learn all that you have to teach me! I have wanted to be a teacher since I was in the first grade. In my opinion, being a teacher is one of the most rewarding career. I love nothing more than being around children and lending a hand in their growth and development. Children are such a joy to be around and I find myself learning new things from them every day. I believe that with the right tools, patience, and love, teachers can make a difference in children's' lives. This is something I strive for as a future educator. I am interested in teaching in China because this is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. Working with the students in China allows me an opportunity for hands-on learning and professional development. I look forward to my time in China not only to teach the students, but to learn from them and expand my cultural knowledge.

I cannot wait to meet all of you. I have been preparing for this adventure for months, and it is almost time to put all of that planning onto action. I am hopeful that you will enjoy all of the information we have to share with you about our theme - Welcome to America! I have wanted to be a teacher since I graduated from high school in 2014. I love working with students and I believe that building a community in the classroom is one of the most important aspects of teaching. I want all of my students to feel welcome and safe when they are with me - and most importantly, I want them to learn as much as they can! I'm interested in learning about the Chinese culture and the people of China. I cannot wait to meet my new students and work in an environment that is new and challenging to me at the same time.

My name is Ms. Alexis and I am very excited to meet you all. I know that we will have a great time learning and exploring English. We will learn lots of new things together that will benefit your English speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills. In our class, it is okay to ask questions when you are confused, because I will be there to help you along the way. Also, if you have any questions for me about my life, please do not hesitate to ask. I will see you very soon. As a teacher, I have the opportunity to help students accomplish many of their aspirations. I believe that being a teacher is important because it helps students realize their potential to become anything they want to be. As a teacher, I will be able to introduce students to the skills necessary to attain their goals. I also enjoy working with students because all students are different and they each bring their own unique personality to the mix. All these individual characteristics help shape the classroom. Working in China will help me develop the skills necessary to best educate, engage, and motivate students in the classroom. Teaching in China will give me the opportunity to learn more about a culture which is different than my own. This experience will also help me appreciate, value, and understand different perspectives which in turn will make me a better teacher. A good teacher not only sees and values various perspectives but realizes how essential a variety of perspectives are to their students' growth and development.

My name is Ms. Hannah and I am studying to be a Middle Level Teacher. I am really excited to get to know all of you, and learn with you. I am hoping to have a fun and supportive classroom where all of you can learn English. I look forward to meeting each of you! I have always been interested in teaching and helping others. As a child, I would have my brothers and friends sit and listen as I would rattle off the alphabet or simple addition problems. As I grew older, I tutored my friends before math finals. Seeing the look on their faces when the information finally clicked and knowing that I contributed to that was enough to make it all worth it. I believe that a safe classroom environment fosters great learning. I have visited China before and the cultural differences and similarities intrigued me. I am interested in how the classrooms differ as well. I am hoping to learn a lot about teaching students with different cultural and language backgrounds than my own. I am excited to meet all of the students and help them improve their language skills!

I am excited to meet each of you and explore fun English lessons. I hope that you are excited to learn about the English language and culture. I am very excited to learn about your language and your culture. I cannot wait to meet each of you very soon! I believe being an educator is the most empowering career you can have. My fondest memories as a child growing up were of the teachers I had in school. I have never seen such a dedicated group of educators that were willing to go above and beyond their duties to make sure every student was successful. Because of these dedicated professionals and my passion for helping kids, I knew that I wanted to grow up to be a teacher that motivates and encourages students to become better versions of themselves. Great learning comes from engaged lessons that inspire children to achieve all that they are capable of as adults. Teaching in China will be a challenge, but this experience will help me become a better teacher and an advocate for multicultural classrooms. China is rich in culture and history, and what better way to learn about it then to experience all that China has to offer first-hand.

My name is Ms. Abby, I am so grateful that I will be in China and I am very excited to meet you. We are going to be learning a lot from each other. I am looking forward to getting to know every single one of you, and grateful for this opportunity to help you learn. Thank you. I want to be a teacher because, throughout my life, I struggled in school with learning generally and specifically with math. I want to be an advocate for struggling students and help them through their difficulties and show them the potential they have-just like my teachers did for me which helped me get to where I am at today. I'm interested in teaching in China because I'm fascinated by the idea of advocating and helping students who don't know English. My interest in English learners was the result of the ESL courses I took during my coursework at NIU. I'm interested in putting these classroom skills to work first-hand I want to differentiate instruction and learn how I can use these skills to teach my future students. Another reason I am interested in teaching in China is I want to experience their culture and learn about everything they have to teach me.

My name is Ms. Moesha! I am very happy to be working with you and looking forward to getting to know you. I am excited to learn new things along with you and begin this educational journey. I want to be a teacher because I would like my students to love school and learning just as much as I do. I also want students to reach for the stars and accomplish everything that they want to accomplish. I believe that there should be no limits for what my students should be able to achieve. I am interested in teaching in China because it gives me a new set of experiences to work with going forward. I enjoy working with students of all backgrounds. This experience will enhance and develop my skills working with children with Chinese backgrounds.

My name is Ms. Nicole and I look forward to inviting you into an exciting learning environment. I believe the best way to learn is to teach in a fun and positive manner. In my classroom, I will be using music, songs, and lyrics as a way to gain fluency in English. I am looking forward to meeting you all! I have wanted to be a teacher ever since I was a little girl. My mother, my aunt, and my grandparents are either still teaching or are retired teachers. I was inspired by them to go into the teaching profession. I believe that to promote great learning, a teacher has to be as excited to teach as students are to learn. A great learning environment is created by keeping the classroom active and encouraging students to ask questions. I am interested in teaching in China because I am passionate about teaching in other cultures. I am looking forward to using this opportunity as another step towards one of my career goals - the goal of teaching on every continent that has students that are willing to learn.

Preparing and working with new teachers is one of the privileges of being a professor at Northern Illinois University. I believe education has the ability to empower and liberate people. I feel a deep obligation to ensure the teacher candidates coming through my classes are fully prepared to be excellent teachers. Great teachers are those who have a deep knowledge of teaching, learning, and child development. Great teachers need both theoretical and technical knowledge of the purpose, practices, and progression of literacy development. I am excited to participate as a mentor to NIU students at the Beijing Royal School. I believe this opportunity will help our teacher candidates grow in teaching skill as well as develop a deeper understanding of teaching and learning in diverse environments.

I will soon have the pleasure of meeting all of you and starting our journey together. My co-teacher and I have designed a unique and exciting curriculum that is based around a specific theme. The theme will be revealed during our first class, but I'll give you a hint....What is one form of language, that all people, can understand or relate to? I hope all of you are as excited as I am! I truly believe that this will be a memorable experience for all of us. Growing up, I had the pleasure of developing a strong friendship with my cousin Zachary. Zachary was born with Down-Syndrome, a severe intellectual disability. After meeting Zachary, I was determined to become an advocate for others with disabilities. As a teacher, I believe that I will have the ability to help students of all backgrounds, races, and abilities achieve their personal goals and dreams. I believe great learning is promoted by great teachers who aspire to make a difference. I have always loved learning about other cultures and meeting people with a variety of cultural backgrounds and beliefs. Teaching in China will allow me to immerse myself into the cultural experience of a lifetime. It will allow me to work and teach outside of my comfort zone. I feel that this experience will provide me with a valuable skill set that I can use to teach and support my future students, regardless of coming from a cultural or linguistic background other than my own.

Co-teaching Themes

Welcome to America!
Allison Meurs and Abby Spankroy

This theme encompasses the food we eat in America, the cities that make up America such as New York and Los Angeles, and where the students may want to travel if they visit America one day. We chose this theme because we are interested in our student's culture and history, and what makes China such an interesting culture. We thought that our students would love to learn about what makes America an interesting culture. Our lessons encompass many aspects of American culture and we hope that our students are intrigued by the hands-on approach to learning.

American Lifestyle
Bethany Johnson and Hannah Schlecht

Within this framework, we will be introducing a variety of lessons over the course of six days. These lessons include personal introductions, a cultural overview, a look into American families and friendships, school and work, and finally, activities that Americans do for fun. Throughout these lessons, the students will partake in a variety of different activities including and All-About-Me vision board, exploring and researching American culture through magazines, comparing and contrasting American and Chinese families with Venn Diagrams, looking closely at the values within American friendships, role-playing as American students in the search for the right college, and lastly, an opportunity to listen and react to American music. We look forward to sharing unique aspects of our culture with our students, and we are excited to learn about each of them and their cultural experiences.

Nicole Van Garsse and Sarah Williams

We chose this because music is a language in itself. Language and music both rely on the use of sounds to express thoughts and emotions, and both require timing, pitch and proper emphasis. Because these skills are used in music and speech, language and music go hand-in-hand.

Student Survival Guide
Emma Fischer and Alexis Moaton

The lessons that we will teach focuses on conversational English, and things related to this topic such as — identifying emotions, and using idioms and homonyms. Alexis and I will be using these topics to engage students in the use and application of conversational English. We believe this theme is a unique way to show students how important these topics are when conversing in English. This theme will help students develop their English skills and give them confidence when they speak to others. Our goal is to help students as they work towards becoming experts in English.

Morgan Dominguez and Moesha Swanigan

We chose this theme because seasons are something that both China and the U.S. have in common. This allows students to be more comfortable with the topics of the lessons even while they may not be entirely comfortable using a new language. The idea behind this was that the similarities of the seasons in both countries will allow for a connection between the teachers and students and foster for a more comfortable learning environment for the students especially in such a difficult area as ELL.