Kyung Kim, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor


  • Ph.D. Learning, Design & Technology, Pennsylvania State University

Reserch Interests

  • Knowledge Structure Visualization
  • Text Analytics
  • STEM literacy
  • Computer-Supportive Collaborative Learning
  • Computer-Based Scaffolding

Active Projects

  • Tracking Reading and Writing: A New Tool for Visualizing and Analyzing Reading and Writing Processes
  • Providing Touchable Knowledge Structure Graphic Feedback for Blind Learners: Tablet-Based Haptic Feedback and Paper-Based Tactile Feedback
  • Exploratory Development of a Tool to Measure Learners' Knowledge Structure in Online Learning Courses

Recent Publications

  • Kim, K., Clariana, R., & Kim, Y. (in press). Automatic representation of knowledge structure: Enhancing science learning through knowledge structure reflection in an online course. Educational Technology Research & Development. [SSCI-indexed; 5 year impact factor: 2.396; Acceptance rate: 10%]
  • Tawfik, A., Kim, K., Hogan, M., & Msilu, F. (in press). How success vs. failure cases support knowledge construction in collaborative problem solving. The Internet and Higher Education [SSCI-indexed; 5 year impact factor: 6.571; Acceptance rate: 22%]
  • Kim, K., & Clariana, R. (2018). Applications of Pathfinder Network scaling for identifying an optimal use of first language for second language science reading comprehension. Educational Technology Research and Development. [SSCI-indexed; 5 year impact factor: 2.396; Acceptance rate: 10%]
  • Kim, K. (2018). An automatic measure of cross-language text structures. Technology, Knowledge and Learning [Scopus-indexed]
  • Zimmerman, W.A., Kang, H.B., Kim, K., Johnson, G., Clariana, R., & Zhang, F. (2018). Computer-automated approach for scoring short essays in an introductory statistics course. Journal of Statistics Education [Scopus-indexed]
  • Smithwick, E., Baxter, E., Kim, K., Edel-Malizia, S., Rocco, S., & Blackstock, D. (2018). Interactive Videos enhance learning about socio-ecological systems. Journal of Geography [SSCI-indexed; 5 year impact factor: 5.035; Acceptance rate: 15%]
  • Tawfik, A., Law, V., Ge, X., Wanli, X., & Kim, K. (2018). The Effect of sustained vs. faded scaffolding on students' argumentation in ill-structured problem solving. Computers in Human Behavior [SSCI-indexed; 5 year impact factor: 4.417; Acceptance rate: 30%]
  • Kim, K. (2017). Visualizing first and second language interactions in science reading: A knowledge structure network approach. Language Assessment Quarterly. [SSCI-indexed; 5 year impact factor: 1.468; Acceptance rate: 20%]
  • Kim, K. (2017). Graphical Interface of Knowledge Structure: A web-based research tool for representing knowledge structure in text. Technology, Knowledge and Learning [Scopus-indexed]
  • Kim, K., & Clariana, R. (2017). Text signals influence second language science text comprehension: Knowledge structure analysis. Educational Technology Research and Development. [SSCI-indexed; 5 year impact factor: 2.396; Acceptance rate: 10%]



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