Rebecca Hunt, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Research Interests

Technology Integration in K-12 Schools, Teacher Education, School Librarianship, and Young Adult Literacy


  • MLIS, University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa. Major: Library and Information Science 2010
  • Ph.D., University of Toledo. Major: Curriculum and Instruction; Minor Educational Leadership 2001
  • M.S.Ed., University of Toledo. Major: Educational Technology 1995
  • B.S., Truman University. Major: Business Administration 1990


Graduate Level Courses

  • ETR 520 Introduction to Educational Research
  • ETT 501 Pro-Seminar in Instructional Technology
  • ETT 504 Cataloging and Classification
  • ETT 507 Collection Development
  • ETT 508 Reference Theory and Practice
  • ETT 511 Advanced Media Design
  • ETT 531 Visual Literacy
  • ETT 523 Young Adult Literature
  • ETT 527 Materials for Children
  • ETT 553 Professional Standards in Instructional Technology
  • ETT 587 Master's Portfolio
  • ETT 743 Seminar: Instructional Technology Problems
  • ETT 799A Doctoral Research and Dissertation
  • ETT 799B Doctoral Research and Dissertation

Undergraduate Courses

  • ETT 211 Technology in a Diverse Society
  • ETT 229 Computers in the Classroom
  • ETT 401A Integrating Technology into the Elementary Classroom
  • ETT 401B Field Experience Integrating Technology in the Elementary Classroom
  • ETT 429 Computers in Classroom Teaching

Recent Papers

Flynn, J. E., Hunt, R. D., Johnson, L.R., & Wickman, S. (2014). Considering new paths for success: An examination of the research and methods on urban school-university partnerships, post No Child Left Behind. International Journal of Educational Reform, 23(3), 191-206.

Hunt, R. (2013). African American leaders in the library profession: Little known history. Black History Bulletin, vol. 76. (1), 14-19.

Hunt, R., Luetkehans, L. M. (2013) The Insider: School librarians as part of a blended professional learning community for student teacher development in technology integration. School Libraries Worldwide, 19 (1), 13-27.

Hunt, R. D. (2011). The first school projector. TechTrends, vol. 55 (6), 10.

Hunt, R. D. (2008). Celebrity author's emergence in the children's book market: What are their literary qualities? Media Spectrum, vol. 35 (1), 8-12.

Pitcher, S. M., Albright, L. K., Delaney, J., Walker, N. T., Seunarineisingh, K., Mogge, S.,

Headley, K. N., Ridgeway, V. G., Peck, S., Hunt, R., & Dunston, P. J. (2007). Assessing adolescent's motivation to read. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, vol. 50 (5), 378-396.

Book Chapters

Hunt, R. D. & Flynn, J. E. (2014). The ordinary made extraordinary: Understanding diary-writing and living through history with Emile Davis. In K. W. Whitehead & C. D. Gist (Eds.), Rethinking Emile Frances Davis: Lesson plans for teaching her Civil War pocket diaries (pp. 170-183). Baltimore, MD: Apprentice House.

Flynn, J., Hunt, R., Wickman, S., Cohen, J., & Fox, C. (2014). Architecting the change we want: Applied critical race theory and the foundations of a diversity strategic plan in a college of education. In C. E. Sleeter, L. I. Neal, and K. K. Kumashiro (Eds.), Diversifying the teacher workforce: Preparing and retaining highly effective teachers. (pp. 153-167). New York: Routlege

Luetkehans, L. M., & Hunt, R. D. (2013) School librarians as significant other: Using online professional learning communities for the development of pre-service teachers. In K. Kennedy, Ph.D., L. Green, Ph.D. (Eds.), Collaborative models for librarian and teacher partnerships (pp. 56-66). Hershey, Pennsylvania: IGI Global.

Technical Report

Flynn, J. E., Armstrong, S. L., Curry, L. H., Hunt, R., Johnson, L. R. R., Johnston-

Rodriguez, S. L., Wickman, S. A. (2012). In LaVonne I. Neal, Connie Fox, and Jeffrey Hecht (Eds.), A Plan for Our Future: The College of Education Diversity Strategic Plan (N/A ed., vol. N/A, pp. 32).



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