Field Experiences

The purpose of the field experiences program is to provide students a career experience and help develop skills appropriate to work and the work environment. In some cases, students may receive a basic introduction, and in other cases, students will receive an in-depth understanding and/or working knowledge of a specific employment area in educational technology. Field experiences are usually in one of these types of settings:

  • K-12, elementary, middle or junior high, or high schools
  • Public library youth services or educational services areas
  • Regional or state offices of education serving school library/media professionals
  • Business and industry particularly performance technology or human performance, instructional design, and training departments;
  • Higher education institutions i.e. community colleges, private or public universities
  • Other educational organizations, libraries, museums, and centers for public information and education.

Real-world Experiences

Many ETRA students have career aspirations and job changes as goals for their degree work at NIU. Under the direction of a university and/or field supervisor the field experience program helps you earn credit for engaging in real-life work and thereby put into practice many of your new skills and understandings. The field experience is very much like a real job. You apply, sometimes competing for an opening, and are selected on your merits and the site's needs.

Whether it is in educational technology, performance technology, instructional design technology development, or school library media, the field experience program offers you a reality against which to test the knowledge you have gained in graduate study. An internship placement offers you the opportunity to observe, shadow, and be mentored by professionals in your chosen area of specialization.


The general process for getting registered for an internship course has been outlined in a PDF flow chart.

For specific information please select the category of internship from the list below that best matches your program area or emphasis.

Note: All students whose internship or practicum experience involves hours in a K12 setting and some students in other settings will be required to complete the Criminal Background Check and TB Test before any internship hours can be approved.