User Experience (UX) Lab


Our User Experience Laboratory (UX Lab) is a full-service research laboratory that specializes in the advancement of interface design for applications for different platforms.

  • UX Design - enhances product development by understanding complex human behavior.
  • UX Research - conducts product assessment methodologies.
  • Usability Testing - evaluates overall user experience.

The UX Lab serves to offer Northern Illinois University students, faculty and staff opportunities to engage in scientific studies that are specific UX Design, Usability Testing and UX Auditing.

The UX Lab houses cutting edge equipment that is available to enrolled students, faculty and/or staff at the university. The following devices can be used to conduct research within the UX Lab free of charge.

Remote Eye-trackers (Quantity 2)

Eye-tracking testing is paving the way to the future in countless fields and industries, from medicine to education. Remote eye tracking systems helps researchers to trace eye-gaze movements of the users with screen-based applications.

Mobile Eye-tracker (Quantity 1)

The mobile eye-tracker records the eye-gaze movements of the users while interacting with the environment. A wearable mobile eye tracking device imports the data recorded by glasses and then analyze it with its wide range of tools.

Brain Wave Monitoring Device (EEG)
w/5 channels (Quantity 2) and w/16 channels (Quantity 1)

Brain wave monitoring system, aka electroencephalogram (EEG), is used to evaluate the electrical activity in the brain. An EEG tracks and records brain wave patterns. The electrical activity of the brain is useful to detect brain activities of the subject including stress level, engagement, excitement and cognitive activities.

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