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Office Support

Name Title Phone Email Office
Chloe Board Office Support Associate 815-753-8479 cboard1@niu.edu Graham 225
Patricia Kee Office Manager 815-753-0306 pkee@niu.edu  Graham 223D

Foundations of Education

Name Title Phone Email Office
Carolyn Pluim Department Chair and
815-753-1562 cvanders@niu.edu Graham 223E
Kerry Burch Professor 815-753-9354 ktburch@niu.edu Graham 404
Alan Clemens Instructor 815-753-9334 aclemens@niu.edu Monat 239
Gary Swick Instructor 815-753-9070 gswick@niu.edu Gabel 156
Molly Swick Instructor 815-753-0841 mswick@niu.edu Graham 227B
Patrick Roberts Associate Professor 815-753-9359 proberts1@niu.edu Graham 223
Leslie Sassone Associate Professor 815-753-0413 lsassone@niu.edu Graham 401
Hidetada Shimizu Associate Professor 815-753-8407 shimizu@niu.edu Graham 400A
Cynthia Taines Associate Professor 815-753-5921 ctaines@niu.edu Graham 412

Educational Psychology

Name Title Phone Email Office
Kathy Brosier Instructor 815-753-1561 kbrosier@niu.edu Graham 421
Daryl Dugas Assistant Professor 815-753-8467 ddugas@niu.edu Graham 411
Lindsay Harris Assistant Professor 815-753-5615 lharris3@niu.edu Graham 417
Joyce Laben Instructor 815-753-3180 jlaben1@niu.edu Graham 227A
Hidetada Shimizu Associate Professor 815-753-8407 shimizu@niu.edu Graham 400A
Stephen Tonks Associate Professor 815-753-5497 stonks@niu.edu Graham 403

Educational Administration

Name Title Phone Email Office
Benjamin Creed Assistant Professor 815-753-0327 bcreed@niu.edu Graham 419
Brad Hawk Clinical Assistant Professor 815-753-4404 bhawk@niu.edu Graham 223
Lynn Gibson Visting Assistant Professor 815-753-3404 lgibson2@niu.edu Graham 402
Danny Oest Clinical Assistant Professor 815-753-9336 doest@niu.edu Graham 225B
Tiffany Puckett Assistant Professor 815-753-1464 tpuckett@niu.edu Graham 410
Wayne Risen Instructor 815-753-1561 wriesen@niu.edu Graham 223
Kelly Summers Associate Professor 815-753-9310 ksummers@niu.edu Graham 409
James Surber Clinical Assistant Professor 815-753-9357 jsurber@niu.edu Graham 223A
Rebecca Surber Clinical Assistant Professor 815-753-8426 rsurber@niu.edu Graham 223A
Teresa Wasonga Professor 815-753-9356 twasonga@niu.edu Graham 419

Emeritus Faculty

Name Title Email
Lee Shumow Professor Emeritus lshumow@niu.edu
Rosita Lopez Associate Professor Emeritus drlopez@niu.edu

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