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Short-term Emergency Approval in Special Education

"Educators holding this approval are eligible to serve students with the following disabilities in grades K-12, regardless of the teaching license currently held: learning disabilities, mental retardation, physical disabilities, autism, and traumatic brain injuries. The approval is valid for three years, and before it expires, you should obtain the LBS I endorsement. If you already hold an LBS I endorsement or approval, you are not eligible for the short-term emergency approval". The application process is available online (follow the directions on the application); please follow this information to determine if you have the correct documentation.

The short-term emergency approval will no longer be issued beginning September 1, 2018.

Information to complete the process at NIU.

Note: In order for the advisor to sign the applicant Form 73-86, the applicant must complete:

  • SESE 540 - Foundations of Special Education. This class covers the foundations and characteristics of students with disabilities.
  • An assessment course such as ETR 434/524 - Assessing Students with Special Needs.

When applicants are ready to have the information verified by the university licensure officer, they should submit all documents and a letter outlining their future plans, including a plan of study, courses that they have taken, and courses in which they're currently

Short-term Emergency Approval in Special Education Checklist

_____ Additional materials are provided on this page to help you complete the application. Please read them over carefully. If you need additional help, contact Les Hecht.
_____ I am currently a certified teacher, and I have applied or been accepted into the MS in Special Education program to pursue the PEL endorsed in LBS I. Visit the Graduate School web site for information on enrolling at NIU.
_____ Please follow the process outlined on the applicationNote: NIU will not sign off on forms that have not been signed off by the district or if coursework is in progress. The state will accept forms with original signatures only (no photocopy or FAXed pages).
_____ You can drop off the form and supporting documents in Gabel 159C or mail the materials to Les Hecht, Department of Special and Early Education, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, 60115. Please put a note with the documents regraading how you would like them returned to you. The state wants to see the original seal with the documents. It will not accept any form with a photocopied signature. Note: This process is not immediate and will take approximately one to two weeks to complete at NIU.
_____ The documents are checked to see if they are completed. A letter from the university is completed and the documents are taken to the University Licensure officer and Registration and Records, where the official seal is placed on the form. The documents are checked to see if they are complete.
_____ The documents with the signature are returned to the student as previously specified.

Short-term Emergency Approval in Special Education Intent Letter


Dr. Gregory Conderman
Department of Special and Early Education
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115

Dear Dr. Conderman:

I am writing this letter to you because I am seeking the Short Term Emergency Approval in Special Education and wish to pursue my an LBS I endorsement on my current PEL at NIU. To date I am currently a certified INSERT YOUR PEL and endorsement TITLE HERE teacher. I completed the required two courses at INSERT THE NAME(S) OF THE UNIVERSITY(S) ATTENED HERE.

At this time, I am in the process of registering for INSERT THE NAME AND TITLE OF THE COURSE(S) YOU ARE CURRENTLY ENROLLED TO COMPLETE and plan to continue my education in order to obtain the LBS I endorsement on my PEL.

Thank you for your consideration,



Leslie Hecht
Academic Advisor

(815) 753-0381

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