Golden Apple Foundation

The College of Education partners with the Golden Apple Foundation to develop and support teaching excellence in Illinois.  The Golden Apple Scholars of Illinois advanced teacher preparation and mentoring program is a pathway for:

  • Teacher recruitment
  • College persistence
  • Teacher preparation
  • Workforce resilience
  • Accelerated student performance

Golden Apple Scholars of Illinois

The Golden Apple Scholars of Illinois is a scholarship program that identifies talented high school seniors, as well as first and second-year college students who have the promise and drive to be excellent teachers in high-need schools. The Golden Apple Foundation then assists in preparing them for immediate and lasting success in the most challenging teaching environments.

Golden Apple is more than a scholarship program that only awards funding. They also provide four years of residential summer institutes, which gives on-site classroom experience, as well as mentoring from a Golden Apple teacher.

For more information, please contact Golden Apple Scholars or our office at 815-753-8352.