Scholarship Opportunities

Future Educators Scholarship Program

The Future Educators Scholarship Program was developed to further the College of Education's mission to support the individual and the collaborative efforts in the preparation of professional educators. This program is utilized in the recruitment and retention of outstanding students who exhibit a commitment to the teaching profession. Funds are awarded to selected students who have declared an undergraduate major in a teacher licensure program and have demonstrated exemplary leadership.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria

  • Undergraduate teacher licensure major
  • Civic and community involvement
  • Demonstrated leadership strengths

The maximum award is $2,000. Applications should be submitted through MyScholarships. The deadline is March 31 of each year.

Mary F. English Technology Award

The Mary F. English Technology Award was established at NIU in September of 2000 by donors Robert and Mary English. The award assists and supports students in the College of Education through professional development opportunities supporting technology in the classroom. Award recipients receive current technology equipment for their academic, personal and professional use. Recipients develop technical skills and gain experience utilizing technology as learning and informational tools.

To be considered for the Mary F. English Technology Award, an applicant must:

Be a full-time, degree-seeking undergraduate student, pursuing a teacher preparation program in the NIU College of Education and meet one of the following criteria:

  • Currently enrolled and in good standing
  • Newly admitted first-year with a minimum ACT of 20
  • Newly admitted transfer student in good standing


To apply please submit the following:

  • An applicant statement reflecting an interest in teaching as a profession
  • Statement of need reflecting financial need and/or physically disadvantaged status

Recipients of the Mary F. English Technology Award will be awarded in the fall semester. The decisions of the committee are final.

Online Application

Expectations of the Award

  • Continued full-time enrollment as an undergraduate degree-seeking student in a teacher preparation program within the NIU College of Education.
  • Maintain good academic standing
  • Attend all assigned meetings, events and workshops
  • Submit a "thank you" letter to Robert and Mary F. English acknowledging their generosity and support.


  • Todd Anliker
  • Danyell Barickman
  • Emily Bruneman
  • Lizett Cervantes
  • Chantelle DeNicolo
  • Melissa Diaz
  • Roxanne Espinoza
  • Jamie Eubanks
  • Madison Evans
  • Jack Holston
  • Kristen Koehler
  • Justin Lung
  • Kaylee Price
  • Narely Ruiz
  • Kimberly Shead
  • Lily Smith-Riel
  • Mahogany Snipes
  • Krista Thornburg
  • Chyna Vann
  • Karli Waldrep


  • Michelle Bourge
  • Lauren Brooks
  • Anissa Caruso
  • Morgan Cunningham
  • Tirza Lisle
  • Taylor Owens
  • Samantha Panek
  • Marina Reutenauer
  • Jacinda Starr
  • Daniel Teboda
  • Kelly Wakefield
  • Gretta Ward
  • Alexandria Wright-Patinka


  • Megan Anderson
  • Rachel Faletti
  • Josh Henley
  • Myiesha Hunt
  • Anne Jump
  • Ethan Koncor
  • Veronica LaBanca
  • Lauren Schiferl
  • Kerri Smith
  • Samantha Smolka
  • Kelsi Spain
  • Raven Stepter
  • Channing Stoudt
  • Rachel Streight
  • Jillian Vanderheyden
  • Brittany Zeoli


  • Kylee Bier
  • Angela Brancato
  • Timothy Brown
  • Samantha Cousins
  • Alexia Gomez
  • Meagan Grayned
  • Elizabeth Hipskind
  • Kalsey Larsen
  • Nicole Loudon
  • Kailey Nielsen
  • Christina Poe
  • Alex Renko
  • Bridget Steininger
  • Moesha Swanigan
  • Melanie Trejo
  • Courtney Wagner
  • Nicole Warren
  • Emily Zahnle

Augmented Reality

Digital Communication

Classroom Materials

Classroom Management

Image Manipulation

Internet Tools/Security

Ipads and Adapters




Screen Recording


Social Media

Voice over Internet Protoco (VoIP)

Windows Software

Additional scholarships will vary on elibility criteria and maximum award given.

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