Academic Dismissal Appeal Procedure

The College of Education (COE) allows students who have been academically dismissed to appeal that decision in an effort to ensure fairness and consideration of all factors leading to the dismissal from the University. The appeal must be submitted immediately after the semester in which the dismissal occurred and prior to the deadline listed below. Please be aware there is no guarantee that an appeal of dismissal will be approved. An appeal may only be submitted once.

Those students who have been away from NIU for at least one fall or spring semester are no longer eligible to appeal the dismissal decision but may apply for Reinstatement.

Students wishing to appeal should submit a Dismissal Appeal Form online. Students will need to login with their ZID and password to access this form. 


Fall semester dismissal: Wednesday before subsequent spring classes begin @ 4:30 p.m.
Spring semester dismissal: Wednesday before subsequent summer or fall classes begin dependent on intended enrollment term @ 4:30 p.m.
Summer semester dismissal: Wednesday before subsequent fall classes begin @ 4:30 p.m.