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Mary F. English Technology Workshops

As a Mary F. English Technology Award Recipient, you are required to complete 4 workshop modules per semester. After you have watched the video lessons for a Module, you are required to finish the corresponding Module quiz or assignment and email the results to to receive credit. We will be tracking attendance at online workshops through your quiz and assignment submissions. 

Savvy Software Skills

Module 1: Shortcuts to Success

Shortcuts to Windows 7 video
Shortcuts to Microsoft Word 2010 video
Shortcuts to Internet Explorer video

Module 2: Better Internet Searches Using Google

Better Internet Searches video

Module 3: iPad and VGA Adapter Training

iOS 7 iPad Training
VGA Adapter

Teaching in the 21st Century

Module 4: Intro to VoIPs

Intro to VoIPs video
Skype tutorial video
Google Hangout tutorial video
Google Voice tutorial video
Facetime tutorial video
ooVoo tutorial video

Module 5: Screen Recording Software

Screencast-o-Matic video
Khan Academy and Flipped Learning video

Module 6: Slideshow Presentation Software

Google Drive Slides video
LibreOffice Impress video
Prezi video
Slide Shark video

Module 7: Alternative Presentation Software I

Intro to Voki video

Module 8: Desktop Publishing

Microsoft Publisher video
LibreOffice Draw video

Module 9: Free Educational Apps for iPad

Free Educational Apps for iPad video

Module 10: SMART Board

For SMART Board Training, please contact

Beyond the Classroom

Module 11: Miscellaneous Programs

Intro to Google Drive video
Intro to Gmail video

Professional Teaching Skills

Module 12: Copyright in the Classroom

Copyright in the Classroom video

Module 13: Interactive Poster-Making and Comic Programs

Glogster / Glogster EDU video
Pixton video

Module 14: What I wish I knew my first year of teaching...

What I wish I knew my first year of

Module 15: Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying video

Module 16: Professional Communication

Appropriate Email Language
Designing Professional Fliers
Note-Taking in a Professional Setting

2014 Additions

Module 17: Image Manipulation Applications for Classroom Print Materials

Big Huge Labs

Module 18: Media Sharing


Module 19: Study Guide Tools

Exam Time

Module 20: Everyday Internet Tools for Students

Sweet Search

2015 Additions

Module 21: Classroom Management

Class Dojo
Remind 101

Module 22: Literacy

Visuals for Foreign Language Instruction

Module 23: Social Media in the Classroom

Global Read Aloud

2016 Additions

Module 24: Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality
Additional Augmented Reality Apps

Module 25: Lesson Planning
Common Curriculum
Easy Planner

Module 26: Alternative Presentation Software II


Module 27: Storytelling Tools

Adobe Voice
Our Story

Module 28: PE Apps

PE Apps

Module 29: Applications for Younger Learners

Math Applications for Young Learners
Literacy Applications for Young Learners
General Applications for Young Learners

Module 30: Accessibility Features in Technology

Windows 10 Accessibility Features
IOS 9 Accessibility Features
Accessibility Apps for the IPad

2017 Additions

Module 31: Exploring Earth

Virtual Fieldtrips with Google Earth

Module 32: Classroom Study Games

Jeopardy! Style Game in Microsoft PowerPoint

Module 33: Internet Security

Digital Footprints and Social Media
Password Security
The Dark Web

Archived Trainings

(Note: For current Mary F. English Scholars, this training will not meet program requirements)

Photo Story 3 video
Intro to Xtranormal video

EdTPA Resource

Online Learning for Pearson ePortfolio Users

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