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LEIT 535 Distance Education Design and Delivery

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Distance Education Sites

  1. WWW Virtual Library of Distance Education
    This site lists such items of interest as:

    It has links to journals, newsletters, and newsgroups. There are also links to two Distance Ed organizations and about 15 Distance Ed articles.

  2. University of Minnesota's Distance Education Page
    This is filled with links to other Distance Education sites such as:
  3. A Comprehensive List of Distance Education Resources
    Several of the links include:

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HTML Sites

  1. An Introduction to HTML
    This comes complete with a table of contents containing a listing of links to the basic commands in HTML, as well as a link to an Intermediate HTML site covering forms, etc.
  2. Guide to HTML from U of I
    This beginner's guide is the most comprehensive quick introduction to writing documents for the WWW. There are lots of easy-to-use examples that you can cut and paste into your own HTML documents. A must see.
  3. How Do They Do That With HTML?
    The author covers the essentials as well as less frequently used tricks, such as animated titles, HTP cookies, hit counters, and simple CGI script. A not-to-be-missed page.
  4. Yale's Web Style Guide
    This site contains just about everything there is to know about the visual design and user interface of your web page. It is a downloadable manual (if you know about FTP).

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Distance Education Activity/Program Descriptions (Website Report #2)

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Distance Education Web Links (Website Report #5)

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