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Fall 1997

Syllabus with Schedule

LEIT 535 Distance Education Design and Delivery

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Course Goal

What is the focus of this course?

The focus of this course is on the evaluation and design of distance delivery of instruction with an emphasis on the supportive roles of instructional media and instructional design. Various types of delivery systems will be examined including video/audio, telecommunications, and computer networks. Both theoretical and practical applications of distance delivery will be addressed.

What are your expected outcomes?

At the completion of this course, you should be able to:


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Course Information

Day/Time: The course meets from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Mondays, September 8 – December 8. Note on the schedule that I will alternate between DeKalb and the Multi-University Center as the host site for the satellite link. This will allow each of you to have access to me for direct questions and advising during the semester. I will hold office hours at the HOST site at least one hour prior to class. I still encourage you to call and make an appointment for this time so that I am aware you are coming and am prepared to advise you.

Course Website/Web-based Instruction: Note on the schedule that on the nights of 9/29, 10/27 and 12/8 we will be conducting class (during our regular classtime) through our course Website supported by a program entitled NetForum. On these nights, you will be REQUIRED to have access to the Internet and the World-Wide-Web. Access can be made through a university network connection, or through any Internet service provider including AOL, MSN or CompuServe. If you do not have access in your home or office, I will have spaces reserved in DeKalb in the Learning Center where you will be able to access our web page. As an alternative, you might look into your local public library for internet access services. Please call me as soon as possible if access will be a problem for you. I am very excited about this component of our course, as it will allow both you and I to experience distance education via computer-mediated technologies.

Virtual Teams: Also note that you will be working with a team for the central assignment of the course – the Instructional Plan for Distance Delivery. Teams will be made up of approximately three members at each site (a total of 5-6 members). I am calling them virtual teams because your team will NOT be allowed to meet in person for any of the assignment planning or discussion. I trust the teams to follow this guideline so that you and I, again, can experience the full benefits and pitfalls of collaborating and communicating at a distance. (Remember that all teams will be in the same boat!) Your team will be provided an exclusive area on the course Website where you will be able to stage team discussions. In addition, you may use any other media or delivery system that all team members have access to include phone, e-mail, voice mail, and/or fax.

E-mail: I would like ALL class members to have an active e-mail account so that we may be able to augment our communications via e-mail. I will be sending out group e-mails with useful information regarding course assignments, conference opportunities, and announcements. If you have not yet activated your student e-mail account, please take steps to do so. If you have e-mail through a service provider off campus (e.g., AOL, Prodigy, MSN) that will work fine. My e-mail address is I typically access my e-mails daily. However, questions which require an IMMEDIATE response should be directed to LuAnn Stott or to my phone/voice mail.

Due dates: Readings and assignment due dates are noted on the attached syllabus. If you will not be able to attend any of the sessions when assignments are due, it is your responsibility to fax, mail, or e-mail them to meet the deadline. Assignments will NOT be accepted late, but will be accepted early if you know you will miss a class due to a conflict.


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Instructional Plan for Distance Delivery.

This document will be the collective effort of each team and will document all analysis and planning conducted by the team in the design and development of an instructional unit to be delivered via two-way videoconferencing. The unit’s topic should be of interest to the LEIT 535 students who will serve as the unit’s audience. The unit should take no more than one hour to deliver. The analysis and planning documentation should include, at the minimum:

Videotape of Team Delivery.

Teams will deliver their instructional unit with media/materials support to the LEIT 535 audience on 11/17 and 11/24. These sessions will be videotaped and feedback will be provided regarding the appropriate utilization of the distance delivery system.

Website Summary Reports.

These small reports will be posted to our course web page and will result in a rich resource for classmates and others who visit the site as teachers, trainers, or learners. Each alternative is worth 10 points. All must be concisely written (No more than one word-processed page), in html format**, and posted to the appropriate area in the web-site (with assistance by the GA) by the corresponding due date to count towards your grade. Please hand in a hard copy at the same time to ensure I have a backup for feedback and grade records. You are allowed to include graphics, links, and other advanced features in your postings, but these are not required and will not impact your grade. Provide all graphics in .gif format.

Include web links when possible, and the full reference of the source materials where appropriate.

**HTML Tutorial: If you are like me, and a novice to HTML tags, I encourage you to complete the online HTML tutorial at Putting in the HTML tags will save a lot of time and headaches for our GA who will be maintaining and updating the website.

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Grading Plan

How will you be evaluated?

Assignments gather points toward a course grade. Assignments are worth the following points:

91-100+=A 81-90=B 71-80=C 61-70=D

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In-Class Topic

Readings/ What’s Due
9/8* Course Introduction

Introduction to 2-Way Video Environment

Establish Virtual Teams

Willis 1

9/15** Planning and Administration of Delivery Systems

Willis 3, 13

9/22* Designing Instruction for Distance Delivery

Willis 4

9/29 NetForum - Creating an environment for learning

Website Report #1

10/6** Print and Audio technologies for DE

Website Report #2

Willis 5 and 6

10/13* Video technologies for DE

Website Report #3

Willis 7

10/20** Computer-mediated technologies for DE

Website Report #4

Willis 8

10/27 NetForum - Web-based instruction

Website Report #5

11/3* Web-based instruction

Website Report #6

Willis 9

11/10** Pedagogical issues

Website Report #7

11/17* Virtual Team Meetings/Tapings

Inst.Unit for taping

11/24** Virtual Team Meetings/Tapings

Inst.Unit for taping

12/1* Leftovers/last minute thoughts

Course Evaluation

Instructional Plan/


12/8 NetForum - DE Pros and Cons  

*Instructor in DeKalb

**Instructor in Multi-University Center

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Special Needs

This school abides by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which stipulates that no student shall be denied the benefits of an education solely by reason of a handicap. Disabilities covered by law include, but are not limited to learning disabilities and hearing, sight or mobility impairments. If you have a disability that may have some impact on your work in this class and for which you may require accommodations, please see me so that such accommodations may be arranged.

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