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This website, Learning to See, is intended to be used as a web-based supplement to Visual Literacy. As this site grows, it will contain increasing amounts of topic examples, sample activities, discussions, and additional course resources. Please use this site to complete required assignments and discussions, as well as to increase your knowledge of Visual Literacy topics and principles.

Navigation - All main pages (home, syllabus, course topics, and about this site) include two methods of site navigation. A list of text-based links are found at the top of each page. In addition, the upper left hand corner of each page includes a picture frame with links to each of the main pages.

Three Main Site Components

Contact Dr. Robinson - This option should only be used if you are working on a computer with your own mail software configured (i.e. Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, etc.). If you are using a web-based mail service (hotmail.com, yahoo.com, etc.), you can use the following address: rrobinson@niu.edu

Syllabus- This section provides a general overview of the course. It includes a list of course goals and objectives, assignments and their point values, and required readings.

Course Topics - This page includes a list of all topics discussed in the course. Topics are arranged in the order that they are presented by the instructor. Required readings are listed adjacent to each topic. Each course topic includes a link to a page that is dedicated to that topic. Each topical page includes: a brief overview, related course readings; online learning activities; links to related web sites; a link to WebBoard (for threaded discussion and student contributions); and a place for students to submit and archive personal projects, papers and related links (under construction).

Using WebBoard - WebBoard will be used for student discussion and most activity input. Specific web board activities are described within each topical page. Instructions for using WebBoard can be downloaded here (Note: this is a Microsoft Word Document).